Independent Learning Project

So by now, I know we were supposed to have come up with what we wanted to independently learn about.  I have been pondering what that something is that I just really truly want to learn about?! In all my education I have really never been given this option–it’s been more of here is a theme, and you can do whatever you want with it as long as it fits a required level of guidelines.  This brings me back around to the fact that now that I have been given this option, what in the world am I going to learn about!?

I have several ideas–I’ll list them and describe them, and then maybe someone along the way can suggest what they think would be the most interesting route to go!

003Idea 1: So I am heavily involved in the horse industry–I own three of my own horses, and have several others that I am riding for other people.  Additionally, I have worked for a guy who shows Percheron draft horses in which I have traveled all over the country with which was an amazing experience.  One thing that I have always struggled with though is knowing specific bit names and what ways each category/style can and should be used. Even though I have a fairly good grasp on what I use on my riding/barrel horses, I am not as good in that department with the draft horses/driving horse bits.  So my thought was to maybe do extensive research on different bits for different types of riding/showing/driving and conduct a powerpoint presentation with pictures of various bits and their uses/purpose.

057Idea 2: I love traveling, and would someday like to travel to a foreign country–so my idea was that maybe I could pick a country to which I would love to go, and learn the language of that specific country over the next four and a half months.

Those two ideas were truly what I thought would be interesting to do for this class–however, I have struggled with wondering if the first one would be challenging/interesting enough and the second one I didn’t know how I would gauge my success of truly learning that specific language.  Therefore, that is why I need opinions!! Feel free to share your ideas with me, because I would definitely appreciate any and all of them!!

*All photo credits go to me!


5 thoughts on “Independent Learning Project”

  1. I totally understand how you feel…that was me, too. I also thought about continuing my learning in french, which I took back in high school. But the real question was, who is going to give me lessons and actually teach me the language? So, after thinking for days, I came up with the idea to crochet. Sure, why not? Its something totally new for me, and it looks fun too. And of course, I have to keep in mind it will take lots of practice and dedication to become good at it.
    So I have to say idea #2 sounds great. Being bilingual doesn’t hurt…I personally am, and love it! 🙂


  2. Chandra, I enjoyed reading your blog post. Personally I think your idea #1 would be a better choice for this project as it may be easier to track your progress of your assignment for your blogs, but both ideas are good ideas. Hope you decide what you are going to do and good luck with your project through this semester.


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