TED Talks are Good for the Soul

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This week our assignment was to find a Ted Talk and discuss it.  Ted Talks are a concept that I have been introduced to just within these last couple years, and I have always been pleasantly surprised every time I happen to watch one.  As I went on my quest for a Ted Talk that I wanted to share with the class, I found that there were so many categories to choose from, and so many that I could share! However, the one that I did choose, was one that pertains to teaching and developing lasting impressions with your students.  The speaker was an amazing lady by the name of Rita Pierson.  She has been in the education world for over 40 years, and has some great insightful words and experiences to share with the world. The video can be viewed below:

How the video impacted me:

First off, I want to mention how great of a presenter and speaker Rita is. I always have to commend people on their presentation skills, and hers were awesome.  She gives off a persona of knowing her stuff and also just being a downright genuine individual.  As I listened to this talk it re-instilled that passion for what my profession is and will be all about.  The kids.

Rita talks about relationships–developing relationships with the kids, and making a difference.  She talks about how difficult this job will be–a teacher will have classes that are academically challenged, kids will come from poverty, some kids won’t get to eat at home, and some kids come to school smelly.  The list could go on and on.  However, she describes that regardless of where these kids come from–it is highly important to be their champion.  Be their advocate and make them feel like they are a part of the bigger picture.  Be that person that is there for them when no one else is, and be that person that is there to pick them up when they have fallen to the ground.

She discusses that teaching can be a profession that makes you cry, but when that child comes up to you and says thank you for being for there for me, and thank you for making me feel like someone–that it makes the whole profession well worth the time, sweat, and tears that you put into it.

What I take away from this talk is that teaching will not be about the money or the extra time spent grading papers, organizing parties, or going to meetings–it will simply be about how I impact my student’s lives.  That above all will be far more important than any other aspect that I am required to meet in my teaching career.



8 thoughts on “TED Talks are Good for the Soul”

  1. Great blog post! I think it is great that you found a TED Talk on teaching. Also, I think it is amazing that she helped re-instill your passion for teaching in her talk. I have always loved working with kids and teaching is definitely about the money, it is about the impact that we have on our students and more importantly the impact they have on us.


    1. So often I feel like we’re going through school and there is no end in sight, and then I watch teachers like this speak and it ignites that spark that I first felt when I started this journey. It re-motivates and helps keep driving me toward the end line for sure!

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  2. Great discussion. Besides being a teacher and role model, we will definitely develop close relationship with our students. For sure every child will come from different backgrounds. It will be our job to help these children physically, mentally, intellectually and any possible way we can help. Their triumph will be our main priority and best reward!


    1. I completely agree–I have had the fantastic opportunity of getting to sub quite frequently at one of the local schools, and just being able to walk in and have 4-5 kids be so incredibly happy to see you, and give you a hug is the greatest feeling in the world. They make me feel like I’m the coolest lady they have ever seen–which I don’t get to feel like very often! To be able to spend a whole career having those moments is going to be well worth my time.

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  3. Love Rita. I’ve watched her before and her points are so right on. I actually like to rewatch many talks due to the inspiration that gets fired up within me. After watching Rita again, I had to remember to be that champion for my kids on a daily basis. Which will extend into my teaching career, so many don’t have that champion. We are IT.

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    1. I agree!! These Ted Talks are so awesome–helps create some definite insight and thoughtfulness back into our daily lives. I think that it’s great you will extend it into your teaching–as I plan to do the same. For me, if I can make a difference in even just one child–I will be satisfied–because regardless, I will have been that person they relied on to be their champion.


  4. Isn’t she an amazing speaker? I adore this talk and always show it in my classes with pre-service teachers. Everything I believe about teaching is right here! And such important ideas for special education teachers in particular, I think.


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