Anddd My Someday Destination Will Be….


Photo CC by: Luis Ascenso

As I have contemplated the majority of this week, and googled some different countries that would be of interest to my exploring mind–I finally made a decision as to what my first travel choice would be.  I am going to someday–whether it be in a few years, ten years, or twenty–I will eventually make it to Spain!

With this choice–I have begun writing out some main points that I want to cover in my quest to Spain as well as what I need to do in order to prepare for this “someday” journey.

What I Need to do to Prepare!

I am a list maker, therefore, when I go on vacations, trips, etc–I usually end up with a lot of them.  My preparation list for this trip will be as follows:

  • Learn the Spanish (Castillo) language
  • Pick out places/attractions that I want to see
  • Determine how long I want to stay
  • What kind of clothing do I need to wear
  • Types of Climates
  • Currency
  • Know the economic status–(How dangerous is it to travel there?)
  • What is offensive to the people?
  • What are common expressions to know?
  • Learn the culture
  • Anything else I can add along the way!!

So far this is what I have come up with as to what I want to extensively want to research and map out for this future trip.  Additionally, I have been looking for a really great program that won’t cost me a fortune to learn Spanish.  (If anyone has any suggestions I would be forever grateful!)  I’ve started googling some Youtube videos just to get me started–however that will only take me so far!!

I’ve also started looking into some of the places that I want to travel to–I’ve determined that I want to go to:

  • Toledo–because it is full of history, art and culture


Photo CC by: CameliaTWU

  • Madrid–full of festivals, rich nightlife, and street performers


Photo CC by: Trevor Huxham

  • Spanish Islands–beautiful beach (don’t think I have to say anymore there!)


Photo CC by: Ivan 63

  • And many many more to add to this list!!!!

I’m so excited to continue planning this venture–learning about the culture and learning the language.  I really truly hope that one day I will be able to embark on this venture–it will be a once in a lifetime experience.


3 thoughts on “Anddd My Someday Destination Will Be….”

    1. I love traveling–seeing new places and meeting so many interesting people! I have truly been blessed having traveled to many amazing places within the United States. I agree that traveling lights the soul– definitely helps a person see things in a new light!


  1. Spain looks like a great choice. Especially, getting to learn its language and culture. Those areas you listed above seem fascinating. Asi que buena suerte amiga. Espero y tu sueno se haga realidad. Tu puedes! 🙂


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