A Challenging Project Indeed…

I’ve always been one that is always up for a really good challenge–and it turns out that this project is going to be one of those greater challenges that I decided to embark on.

As we found out last week, I decided to plan my future vacation to Spain.  To be completely honest I haven’t gotten to far in the planning scheme of things just yet, however, I have been scanning through Youtube videos to help me learn my beginning phrases of Spanish.  To say the least–it’s not easy trying to learn a new language on your own.

However, I have found a really neat video on Youtube, that I watched this week–among others–that I have been studying.  I really haven’t decided if I should just break down and buy Rosetta Stone.  This is something that I have been contemplating because I know it is a great program almost guaranteed to work, and also, learning Spanish is not going only as far as learning it for Spain, it is also something that I want to be able to utilize in my future classrooms.  So, even though Youtube has been a great source of information so far, I think I’m going to have to just break down and buy the good program.

In this video called Basic Spanish | Lesson 1 | Introductions & Greetings it started providing me with all sorts of different pronunciation and grammar tips.  For example, an X in a Spanish phrase actually is pronounced as an H.  Additionally, this video introduced me to some basic introductions (which I felt was a good place to start.)  I actually decided to do my Vine video on me saying a basic introduction–so hopefully that goes well later tonight.

I knew that when I dove into this project that it wasn’t going to be easy–I am starting to question if I’m going to meet the goals that I have set for the end of the semester; yet, I am definitely going to keep trying my best and keep striving for them.  One of the main goals was to try and become proficient in understanding and speaking Spanish.  It is going to be hard to reach, but I can only keep trying!  That is going to be the key is to not get discouraged and to definitely ask for help if I need it.  I will eventually conquer it; I never back down from a challenge, and I don’t plan on making this one the first!


Photo CC By: Sophia




6 thoughts on “A Challenging Project Indeed…”

  1. Great post! This is the first time that I have read about your independent learning project and I think it sounds like you have a great project going and you have a great start. I took Spanish for two years in high school and I cant’t hardly remember any of it. Best of luck in your project!


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