Expanding That PLN!

A personalized learning network is an amazing tool–and truly it can be used in about any aspect of life.  The amount of knowledge and resources available on any given topic is simply incredible; however, it is a matter of sorting and weeding through the information that is and isn’t helpful.  It’s our job to understand what are good resources, and what are bad, and being able to tell the difference.

This week I choose to expand a personal learning network in terms of special education. I felt that this certain topic is one that growing and expanding each and every year, and with that we are seeing more and more kids in the special education spectrum in our general classrooms.  Therefore, I truly want to be able to help those students in my future classroom so I want to create a PLN around special education.


Photo CC By: Justin S. Campbell

Through the process of growing my PLN, I realized that it isn’t as easy as searching google, and following some people on twitter.  I have–over the last couple days–been googling good special education twitter accounts, finding them, reading through some of the posts they have made and then made the decision to follow them.  I think it is really important that you just don’t follow someone because the name pertains to the topic–it’s a matter of finding the people, organizations, and programs that are going to helpful instead of useless. That went the same with the blogs that I followed–they must be sights that can be informative and helpful on the topic and not just useless information.

I think that as future teachers and educators we need to become very familiar with expanding PLN’s. Our job is going to be educating the future–and in order to do so we have to realize that expanding our knowledge and resources is essential for that process to be successful.  I found a great quote by Justin Tarte on twitter that I found really refreshing, Going the Extra Mile.  It basically gives the sense that if you can make a children feel like your own–then you as the teacher are going to start going the extra mile to give them the best education possible.  I think it essential that we create this feeling for every student in our room–therefore, being able to create a network that helps me to better educate my students with disabilities is going to be a huge key to my success.


11 thoughts on “Expanding That PLN!”

    1. The guy that posted that on Twitter is a fantastic wealth of information and quotes regarding education. I love getting on Twitter and just scrolling through his feed because the quotes and articles he shares are so relatable to the way a teacher should feel about education.


    1. I agree with you! I have always been drawn to special education–I think it is the kids themselves–they are so incredible and the amount of heart and try you see through many of those students is a reward in itself. Going the extra mile for any of our students should be the goal–and making all of them feel like they are a part of the greater picture is extremely important!!


  1. Excellent points here! In general, I find that organizations are easy to find to follow but they don’t always share the most useful information. I’d much rather learn from classroom teachers who are in there and doing this work every day. I don’t think I follow any special education teachers, though. I need to look into that and find some people to follow!


    1. I agree with you on learning from the teachers in the classroom–I also like to find families/parents of the special needs child to get that perspective as well. They have so much insight into the emotional aspects of the process which I think in return can help in the classroom as well.


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