Spain Seems So Far Away

So I have to admit, I got a little behind last week, and I guess it just helps me realize from time to time that I am human–I can’t be superman and get everything done like I want to.  In such cases, I still wanted to catch up with everyone, and give my update on my project.


Photo CC by: Richard Allaway

To be totally honest, my project scares me! I love the idea of going to this foreign country, and exploring, and experiencing the beauty of this place–however, I want to be one that is totally prepared, and the one thing that I am struggling with right now is learning the  language.  I am a perfectionist, (hence the reason I am having a mini heart attack about being late on part of my assignment) and when things do not go my way, it does not make me entirely happy.  Lucky for me though, I don’t think I will be able to afford this trip for years to come.

This week I focused more on my planning stages–I decided to start outlining costs–and finding several more places that I absolutely want to visit when I do someday get to travel to Spain.

Through this process of research, I actually am trying to figure out what I want to make my final presentation format in–I’ve thought about doing a prezi, a google slides presentation, or something along those lines.  If anyone had any more fantastic ideas that I could start placing my information in–that would be awesome!!

This trip is so fun to continue planning, even though I am years away from ever being able to afford to go.  It is a trip that I want to be able to take my time on–and be able to be comfortable doing.  With that said, it is going to take much more extensive time planning, and also a lot more extensive work on my Spanish development.  That by far has been the hardest part of this whole process.  Hopefully by the time the end of the semester rolls around, I will be able to speak to you guys fluently in Spanish!!

With that said,

Compañeros de clase adiós!!!


Photo CC by: Les Haines


7 thoughts on “Spain Seems So Far Away”

  1. I understand your fustration too! I was like 2 minutes late submitting my blog about my learning project. And you said it, no one is perfect…something we must keep in mind as future teachers!!! Learning another language can be challenging, I have been there. But I suggest, to make it easier, try to find someone who knows the language and practice what you know with them. Remember, if you dont use it, you loose it! Good luck amiga tu puedes 🙂


    1. That is a great idea–and a very good point, I will never get better if I can’t practice it with someone that knows the language. I have plenty of Spanish speaking resources that I could spend some time with in order to help aid in learning what I have been studying.


  2. The fact that you are planning this so far in advance is a great idea! It helps you get an ideas of how much you need to save and also gives you time to research the language and traditions! It sounds like so much fun and I am sure will be an amazing experience!


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