Using DS106 For Creative Innovation

There are times that we look at life and wonder–what are we doing with life?  Living the same routine day in and day out–just going about the motions.  What changes can we make yearly, monthly, weekly, daily to ensure that we live life to the fullest?  How can we make changes that enable us to breathe and admire the small things in life again?

7149966049_9b7a43b2a9_n Photo CC By: Denise Krebs

As I have researched the DS106 program–I have come to the quick realization that it gives the opportunity for people to experience creative innovation.  DS106 gives the opportunity to individuals to experiences small daily assignments that include photography, movie making, telling stories, audio experiences, and writing.  The program is unique in the fact that it is a course that is designed to provide a structured outline of how to complete these projects without the pressure of feeling like a typical course.

What’s so awesome about this program is that it doesn’t allow for failure–how can you gauge creativity?  What it does is guides you through units that directs the daily assignments to the categories that I mentioned previously.  As I scrolled through the website, I found a page that took me to a weekly showcase.  I thought this was fantastic!! I’ll actually post a link to the page if you want to check it out! Weekly Showcase–Tales from DS106.  They site picks out some fun creative posts that were made through the week and showcase them for other students to view.

As I look towards my own DS106 project, I am honestly super excited about it.  I think that by far this is the project that I have been most excited about thus far in this course.  I love writing and photography–and look forward to working on those aspects of the project. I think the other aspects will also be fun, but will be a definite challenge.  I think that this project will give me the opportunity to utilize my creative side rather than put it on the backburner like I do so frequently.  Often times I get so caught up in making deadlines, going to work, and making sure that I make it from week to week–that I lose that sense of the word creativity.  It’s important to not lose that side of you–it’s important to embrace it in order to keep that sense of happiness.

Failure to do so means a life of just going through the motions–and never living at all.


4 thoughts on “Using DS106 For Creative Innovation”

  1. Great post! I really liked how you talked about the fact that you cannot fail if you take this course. The Daily Create is a great and very creative project. I am looking forward to doing this for this class. I also love how you talked about getting stuck in a rut and breaking the rut by doing ds106.


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