Hola! Buenos Dias!


Photo CC By: Jon Rawlinson

Hola! Buenos días mis compañeros de clase!  This is a Spanish phrase that I learned this week in order to be able to incorporate it into my post! It says hello, good morning my fellow classmates!! This week for my self study project, I didn’t put in as much time as I should, however, with the combination of last week and the present week, I have continued to expand my Spanish vocabulary, and decide on several more travel destinations.  

For expanding my Spanish vocabulary, I decided to focus on my numbers this last week, and I have become completely proficient in counting to 20.  I want to start learning my colors in the upcoming week as well as expanding on my counting skills–that way I have my basic numbers and colors down.

I then decided that I wanted to expand on the places that I wanted to see and the things that I wanted to do while in Spain.  In a previous post I had mentioned that I wanted to go Toledo, Madrid, and the Spanish Islands.  I started to make a more developed list of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see.  That  list has so far included: Salamanca (The Golden City,) Granada, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Lograno, Girona (The City of a Thousand Sieges,) Valencia, Burgos, Santillana del Mar, and Huesca.  I actually found the majority of this list on a site called The 12 Most Beautiful and Underrated Cities in Spain.  I am one that when I travel, I enjoy seeing the beauty and serenity of places, and often times this is found in the less popular cities–or less visited cities.  Scrolling through this list, and seeing the pictures of these cities–it’s simply majestic.  It is full of history and culture, and simple beauty.  These are the places that I would rather see and spend time in.

This process of planning has been challenging, with the most challenging probably being learning the Spanish language on my own terms.  I have been disappointed in the progress I have made, so I honestly want to really buckle down in the weeks to come to further my learning.  I think with this mindset it will enable me to really push on and make some leaps and bounds in this project.

14739540890_4690875f89_c Photo CC By: Patrick



5 thoughts on “Hola! Buenos Dias!”

  1. It is super cool that you are learning Spanish because you are going to Spain. What an awesome trip that will be. Good luck on learning more Spanish and I hope you can learn enough for your trip! I am really really bad at Spanish. I took it in high school, and it just did not click with my brain. Best of luck to you though!


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