Surprisingly Challenging, Surprisingly Creative

This week we are to reflect on what our thoughts, feelings, expectations, and learning experiences have been thus far in the class.

Through beginning this digital literacy class, I honestly thought it was just going to be another one of those technology device learning classes where we would learn a new innovative feature each week and talk about it.  However,  this class has been far from that.  Another “to be honest” would be that I have never been huge on digital courses, cause I am not a huge tech person.  Yet, I have completely enjoyed the experience in this class so far…

It has been challenging, frustrating, and also a huge learning experience.  The collaboration that we are enabled to do with our classmates is the most exciting aspect of this whole class.  For a person who rarely got on her twitter account, I am now checking twitter everyday.  I think that for me has been the most fun I’ve had throughout this course is staying updated on everyone’s progress, and being able to give or receive words of encouragement.

The most exciting module that I have completed would be creating my blog account.  I had never been real big on the blogging deal, however, I love it now.  I think it is a great resource to get your knowledge out without the restrictive boundaries of how it is supposed to be written or formatted.  I love it!

The most challenging module that we have learned about thus far, (and I have not yet started) will be the DS106 Course.  Though it is one that allows for freedom or creativity, I think that it is going to be a challenge for me because it will be taking me out of my comfort zone for sure!

What do I hope to learn in the next half of the semester?? I hope to learn more about my classmates amazing projects, and keep updated on the progress of their semester.  I also hope to learn more about what it means to be digital literate, and how to introduce digital literacy and etiquette into my future classroom.  This has been an exciting and challenging process so far, and I look forward to the next challenges that we will see and face in the months to come!!


   Photo CC by: Carla arena


3 thoughts on “Surprisingly Challenging, Surprisingly Creative”

  1. Isn’t crazy that we are half way through the semester??? I am glad to hear I was not the only person “without” a twitter account. I actually had to create one just for this class. Of course, having to explore twitter on top of the homework made it even more challenging. Now that I have become somewhat proficient at it, it definitely has been easier to accomplish assignments…
    Good luck on the rest of the class! 🙂


  2. I am so glad to know now that I’m not the only thinking how challenging this can be some weeks. I like the creativity but ds106 may be my down fall. Somehow I am a week behind now, don’t know how that happened.


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