Who Am I Via Google?!


Photo CC By: Sean MacEntee

It has been quite awhile since I have google searched myself–I think the last time I did may have been in high school.  However, I try to keep a low profile, and not overly share any personal information via the internet.  Yet as I searched google, I was surprised with how much I actually could find on Chandra Stoddard.  Though none of the information posted was inappropriate, I still wasn’t pleased that it brought up my twitter picture and a link to my profile.  That makes it really easy for someone to copy, paste, and create new profiles–something that doesn’t entirely please me.

So What Did I Find?

The first link that it brings up when Chandra Stoddard is typed into Google is my twitter account.  Following that it brings up pictures from a photography website in which contains pictures of me barrel racing.  Then it provides links to various accounts including my youtube channel, my prezi presentations, and links to my high school sports stats.

How Do I Feel About This?

Honestly, I am quite proud of how there are so few links to my social media accounts–with my twitter, I believe all I have to do is go in and change the privacy settings so that it is not brought up on search engines.  In regards to the pictures and information provided through my barrel racing and sports activities, I really have no control over that unless I was to directly contact the providers to remove that information.  (Which I am not going to do–that would be extreme.)

What is Important to Understand?

I think that it is truly up to a person individually on how much they do and don’t want posted on the internet.  If you don’t want people to view social media accounts, either don’t make them or make sure you are familiar with privacy settings to ensure that you can control what people do and don’t see.  That can get pretty muddled sometimes because social accounts want to be able to provide as much information as possible on people, but the options are there to control it if you so wish.  It’s important to know that what you do post is nearly permanent–whether you delete it or not.  Chances are someone already saw it and shared it or sent it to someone else.

The internet is an array of information–it is up to you to control what does and doesn’t get shared, and how it may impact your life.  Be smart, post smart, and social media life will become much simpler.


5 thoughts on “Who Am I Via Google?!”

  1. Great post. When i searched my name, my twitter account was the first one to come up. I only saw my picture and recent posts i had posted. Next came Facebook, of course. I was able to see more pictures of myself, which i was not sure if i liked that ot not.
    I definitely agree that even if we delete information about us, it never is really deleted. Chances are someone has already shared, retweeted, etc. and it will be out there forever…


    1. Yes, I agree–if we truly think about it, when we hit that delete button, where do we think that information goes?? It’s an electronic file which are virtually difficult to destroy completely. Regardless of the fact that we hit that delete button, it’s still going to be there. That’s the scary part.

      Thanks for commenting on my post!


  2. Great post! Just like you, I was a little shocked to see what all popped up when I Googled myself. Earlier this semester we talked about building our personal learning networks, and I noticed that you wrote that you didn’t want people to view your Twitter. I agree with you that it is creepy that people could take your information and make other profiles as you, but wouldn’t you want people to follow your Twitter to build your PLN? Just a thought but great post!


    1. I agree with you on that one–I actually don’t mind having my educational twitter out there to build that PLN–however, with my personal social networks I truly want that to be my own choice as to who is able to view those or not. Granted I don’t post anything vulgar or inappropriate, however, I have heard to many stories of people taking pictures and creating new profiles, identities, etc, that I have learned to be careful, and make sure that I am aware of what I am posting.

      Thank you for commenting on my post, and for mentioning the PLN aspect–I needed to explain myself better in that part of my post!!

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