Digital Activism For A Better Society

Activism.  What does that even mean?  How has that been incorporated into the technological world?  Those were some questions that I am now able to answer after reading through the resources this week.

I found through learning about the 6 activist functions that digital activism includes shaping public opinion, planning an action, protecting activists, sharing a call to action, taking action digitally, and transferring resources.  Additionally, the very interesting part is how involved teens have become in all 6 of these functions.

What I liked this week was reading about the ways that activism has been included in the classrooms of today’s society.  In the article My kids, a cause and our classroom blog  the teacher describes incorporating activism by having her students blog about sugar.  How added sugars to common foods is affecting their families.  I felt that this is a fantastic way to utilize digital activism for a greater cause.  Additionally, she is teaching her students that they can build digital activism skills through this project to be able to do the same thing ethically on their own.

Additionally, I loved exploring the teen nominees for digital activism.  I thought that it was fantastic they were all promoting a great cause, however, it also created a sense of overwhelming emotion over the fact that all nominees were blogging about preventative ways to cope with depression, anxiety, and suicide.  The nominee that I particularly took a liking to was God Loves You.  All of them were great, but I liked this one because it had encouraging quotes to help get through life. It also said that if you look to God to give you strength that all will be okay.  I liked this one because it is a twitter account that I can actually follow and utilize within my own life.  Sometimes, a person needs those encouraging words to get through those tough times.  This is something that I can use to help get me through trying days–and through the remainder of this semester.


Photo CC By: @WhyToStayStrong (Twitter)

With the learning about digital activism, I had the thought run through my head as to whether all these technology innovations and advancements have actually created increased teen bullying, depression and suicide.  What ways is going to slow that issue down?  It’s an issue that we hear more and more about everyday, and so when do we say enough is enough?

Lastly, the ways in which I have involved myself in digital activism is very minimal.  I’ve done small things such as donate online, and change my Facebook post or picture to support a cause.  Donating online is something I did to support a family that had a child commit suicide.  Changing my Facebook picture was something that made me feel better for doing–however, I don’t really know how effective it was or if it made any sort of difference in the situation.

Digital activism can be a fantastic tool, and should be used–yet I feel it is so highly important to inform and encourage our students to be digital activists in an ethical manner.  I like the idea, I just feel that as a future teacher, I want to ensure that I am teaching my students to do so in a proper mannerism.



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