Podcasts: Effective Classroom Strategy or Not??


Photo Credit To: http://www.myndset.com

For a kid who does a lot of online classes–I really am not that educated in what the big wide web world has to offer.  Which is endless amounts of technological resources–some of those being podcasts and digital stories.  I’ll be totally honest–I had heard of a podcast, but have never had the time nor the interest to actually engage myself in learning about them.  That was until this week.

This module taught us how to locate and use podcasts and digital stories, which I think can be very beneficial to life, the classroom, and as a teaching aid.  Like anything, I think that when podcasts and digital stories can be used in moderation, it will be a positive asset to my future teaching career.

Benefits to Teaching

After viewing these podcasts and digital stories it was apparent that they have the potential to keep an audience enthused and engaged–especially the digital stories in the way that the information is presented.  Additionally, it think that this type of technology has the capability of helping low level readers be able to comprehend and understand higher level reading and information.

Another benefit that podcasts can give to the teaching profession is podcasts sites specifically designed to help teachers with lessons, strategies, classroom problems, etc.  and that this gives teachers the opportunity to utilize this information and implement it within their classrooms.  I think that it gives the teaching community a voice to share ideas and help one another become more effective teachers–just simply because all those ideas are on the web for everyone to see.

What Are The Disadvantages

Disadvantages to podcasts would be that there is the chance that your low level readers become dependent on this option–in comparison to actually reading and gaining the skills that way.  However, this disadvantage would be completely manageable–because as the teacher you are the moderator, and are able to make those decisions regarding when the podcasts and digital stories are listened to.

My Personal Opinion

I think that podcasts and digital stories would be a great supplementary aid within the classroom.  However, I do believe that this type of technology needs to be used in upper elementary, middle school, and high school.  This needs to be used for age levels that have longer attention spans–which is sometimes hard to achieve in younger grade levels. I think that podcasts and digital stories have the potential to help bring some diversity in the curriculum and provide an alternate option of obtaining information.  I think that it is important that this is only used as a supplement to lessons–a whole curriculum cannot be based off of podcasts and digital stories.  Moderation is important with any type of teaching supplement–and I think this supplement will be one that keeps them interested and engaged.




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