Weekly Sum Up of Daily Creates

So yes, just yesterday I made it through my first week of daily creates–talk about cutting it close to deadlines.  However, once I finally did sit down and make myself start on these–it’s actually been really fun, and makes you think outside of the norm on some of these daily assignments.  So here goes, a weekly sum up of 7 days of daily creates:

Day 1–Was to celebrate national puppy day and post a video of my favorite puppy.  My video was of my dog Gunner, he’s not necessarily a puppy anymore beings as he’s nearly 3, but he definitely still acts like one 🙂

Day 2–Sketch negative space leaves from a leaf or cluster of leaves that I found outside–this leaf that I drew was off of one of my family’s Cottonwood trees that we have planted outside–it was an old one from last Fall because they haven’t yet put on any new leaves this Spring.


Day 3–Use digital resources to create an image that represents the power of the number 4, I used a digital editing program to perform edits on a picture of my family–there is 4 of us and I think the power of our number 4 is quite strong.


Day 4–Powerpuff myself, use an avatar creator to create a Powerpuff girl that resembles me.


Day 5–Create Triangle Art using a digital software program located on the daily create site. I did mine by creating my initials out of triangles.


Day 6–Create grids and gestures that give an understanding of how comic strips are created.  (This one was a little random for me.)


Day 7–Make graffiti art and post it in a natural environment: this is me sitting in our barn, and I made the graffiti picture of my last name using an online resource, and then posted it on the ramp of this picture.

graffiti 2 (2)


So there it is!!! A week’s worth of daily creates–hope you guys enjoy them, and I will be following up next week with another summative post of Week 2 Daily creates!!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Sum Up of Daily Creates”

  1. I really enjoyed running through your daily creates Chandra! It is fun to see what other people come up with! Did you have a favorite one, or even least favorite? I have to agree with you the first week was the hardest! Now that I’m on my second week it is much easier to check in everyday. I am looking forward to seeing your next week of creates!


    1. First week is difficult!! So hard sometimes to remember that you have to dedicate yourself to complete these each day!! I think my favorite was creating the video of my dog (he wins hands down with anything) my least favorite so far was having to create the art out of triangles, just cause I struggled getting the picture to download, and had to figure out alternative ways to get it to save. Other than that they are very interesting and diversified assignments that are fun and make you think outside the box!! Thanks for the comment!!


  2. Great job! I really like all of the daily creates that you did. When I was doing all of mine I did not find any of them. You really have tried to cover all of the five areas of the daily create. Great job and I like your creativity.


    1. I wish I was all done with mine!! Tuesday I will be halfway finished with mine!! Thank goodness–so hard to remember to do them somedays, but just have to keep dedicated–I’ll get it finished!! And I do agree, once I get them done, I am usually pleased with the assignment, they are so creative, and make you use resources you didn’t know were available!! It’s been interesting!!


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