Graphics/Visuals To Enhance Creative Senses…

Looking at today’s day and age, it is highly apparent that we are within a society where we make a lot of choices based off of graphics and visual representations.  Hence, I believe that it is important to know how to properly utilize a good graphics site in order to create good visuals.

This week I explored both the comics site and the graphics site, and ultimately choose to use the Canva site to create a visual for my independent learning project.  I will be totally honest that I have never been into comics, therefore, that just wasn’t a site that was highly interesting to me.  However, I have always been super into picture editing, and creating all sorts of cool visuals and designs, so the Canva site was right up my ally.  I used some pictures that I used in my previous post along with some new ones and created a collage of sorts to represent Spain’s beauty.

The Beauty of SPAIN (2)

The Canva site was appealing to me due to the fact that it was simple, and had a really nice tutorial on how to use it once you gain access to the site.  It provides a variety of options for backgrounds, text, and photos, and multitude of graphics formats–which I think is quite helpful in saving time on formatting for a specific type of document/photo.

I really didn’t have a difficult time using any of the features within this site.  I decided to use the information from my searches on Spain to include some of the foods, activities, places, and language in a collage to just give an idea of what I will experience and see in my future travel venture to Spain.  I love creating this kind of stuff, so this was a fun site to explore.

The process was really quite simple–choose a background, upload pictures, and choose what text and font I wanted to use to complete my writing.  The site does a really fantastic job of helping you if needed, and not making the site jumbled and confusing.  All the options are labeled and simple to find and use.

If I were to use this tool within the classroom, I would provide it to them as an added option to use for visuals within presentations.  It not only allows them to incorporate Art and creativity into their learning, but it also provides really great graphic visuals!! Which would work great in presentations, or projects, etc.  Additionally, there are so many other format styles or ways to use this graphics creator site that the options for use within the classroom could be endless.  Also, there are kids that are super into comics–just because I am not–doesn’t mean that my students aren’t, so I think that site would also be good to incorporate into the classroom because I think a lot of kids would dig the fact that they can create their own comic strips.

Is there value in using graphic representations??  Of course!!! I think that they are highly important to incorporate into learning–especially for those visual learners.  It allows them to put a picture to what they are learning, therefore, I think that graphics are super important in association with learning.

I think that this module was effective in allowing us as future teachers to understand that we need expand our knowledge on these types of sites in order to effectively incorporate and use them within our classrooms.

**All pictures used in my graphic were used from***



One thought on “Graphics/Visuals To Enhance Creative Senses…”

  1. I also chose to learn and work with canva. At first it was kind of hard, but after playing around with it, following the steps and watching the video, i had an idea on what to do. This tool can most defenitely be useful for those students who are visual learners…like myself.


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