Concluding My Independent Learning Project


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Through this semester, there were times I regretted the topic I choose to do my Independent Study on, and times where I absolutely loved it! Overall, the experience was awesome, because ultimately, this project was totally on me to learn about.  I had honestly never been given the opportunity to do a self-motivated learning project before, so incorporating this idea into my learning this semester was really interesting.

What Did I Learn About Myself as a Learner?

This semester I learned that at this point in my life I struggle doing self-motivated learning because of the limited amount of time that I have to put aside for personal interests.  However, this project has helped me realize that no matter how crazy life gets, it’s highly important to slow down and take the time to learn about things that make me happy.  Slow down and take the time to make a phone call to my grandparents, or slow down to just enjoy life sometimes.  So often, I find myself getting so worked up about assignments, school, work, life that I forget the important things–like self-motivated learning.

What Challenges Did I Face?

The biggest challenge that I faced through this project was actually trying to learn the Spanish language.  I think it was hard to motivate myself through this portion of my project because I wasn’t verbally communicating what I was learning, therefore, I was reading and saying the words to myself, however I wasn’t actually talking to anyone. Which for me, I have trouble actually learning the content if I am not using it.  Also, I think that due to the fact that I didn’t invest in structured program to guide me through the process was a part of my issue in this area as well.  This was the only part of the project in which I was truly disappointed with myself because I felt I didn’t really get to the point that I wanted to be.  I learned basic phrases, numbers, and colors, but not much further than that.  That will be a goal that I will still have set to achieve–which is to become proficient in the Spanish language.

What Was The Best Part Of The Project?

The best part of this project was learning about all the different places, museums, art, culture, architecture, and history.  I really dig on all those aspects, so getting to look through pictures of what I want to do, see, and experience when I travel to Spain.  I’m a person that can spend hours looking at physical aspects of a building, and reading about History.  I absolutely love it.  Therefore, this part of the project was super easy for me because I love culture, art, and history.

How Will I Use This In My Future Classroom?

I think that I would definitely be able to utilize this type of project into my future elementary classroom due to the fact that I think it’s important that students have a personal choice in their education.  This type of assignment would be able to take into account personal responsibility and self-motivation to be independent learners.  I definitely see this as a good supplementary assignment in a classroom setting.

View My Final Presentation By Following This Link:

Digital Story for Independent Learning Project

I hope you guys enjoy!! I definitely did!!



One thought on “Concluding My Independent Learning Project”

  1. Sorry to hear you didnt get the opportunity to practice apanish with another person. Honestly, that really makes a difference. And as you stated, in order to learn it better, you need to actually practice with someone else. This is my case as well. If you dont use it, you loose it…and such is life i suppose… but im also glad you got to learn about the culture, history, art, etc. It is absolutely amazing what each country has to offer.


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